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The Power of Eye Contact during communication

  It’s an old saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” because it’s usually easy to inform what an individual is feeling by looking into their eyes. Eye contact is a very important part of nonverbal communication. Maintaining eye contact during a conversation gives the impression that you are paying attention to the other person. Understanding the message that you simply are sending through eye contact is vital to improving communication. Keeping eye contact with the person you are lecture indicates interest and saying to the person “You are important and that I am listening”. Why eye contact is important are: ·       Eye contact signals attention - If you’ve ever spoken to someone who didn't in the least checks out you while you were speaking, you recognize how irritating it seems. It clearly signals you that the opposite a person isn't in the least curious about you and what you've got to mention. In short, chatting with someone who doesn't check ou

Email Etiquette in the workplace

Email etiquette refers to the code of conduct of the organization that guides behavior when responding to emails and demonstrates a mutual expression of respect between email correspondence. Email etiquette helps to streamline communication and make the knowledge you're sending clear and concise. Companies need to implement best practices for email etiquette for professionalism, efficiency, and protection from liability (mistakes that lead to costly misunderstandings. Email Etiquette There are some best practices for email etiquette within the workplace: ·       Include a clear subject line: Title your email in such a way that the recipient should know what the message is about before reading the email. For example, if you’re emailing a few changes of your time for a the scheduled meeting, you would possibly make the topic “Meeting time changed to 2 pm.”   ·       Use a professional email address: Use your company email address. However, if you're self-employed or emp