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Understanding and Developing Organizational Culture aligned to goals

  An organization's culture describes the proper means to behave within the organization. This culture includes common beliefs and values established by leaders then communicated and reinforced through several methods, ultimately determining employee perceptions, behaviors and understanding.  Organizational culture sets the framework for everything an enterprise does.  Because industries and situations vary significantly, there's no one-size-fits-all culture model that meets the requirements of all organizations. A strong culture may be a common denominator among the foremost successful companies. All have consensus at the highest regarding cultural priorities, and people values specialize in the organization and its goals. Leaders are clear about their values and the way those values define their organizations and determine how the organizations run. What Is Organizational Culture? At the deepest level, an organization's culture is predicated on values derived from

COVID-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformation

Now everything is confined within the comfort of home, from the workforce to the workspace, from employees to employers. The highly advanced technology is important to set effective office at home. Among these uncertainties, the tech giants have confirmed to continue with the remote working situation for long period. The companies are facing a once-in-a-generation shift, prominence the ever-increasing digital requirement, one thing is for sure that is digitalization.

Technological advances and Business is rassling with the pandemic COVID-19, around the globe. COVID-19 has caused long-lasting ripple effects across industries and the economy. Small businesses and the gig economy is facing the hardest impact of the pandemic. As the whole world is trying to cope up with the pandemic situation, the economic and social scenarios are transforming rapidly. 

To maintain steadiness, businesses are prioritizing to instruct agility in procedures and operations. Digital Transformation has started, the disruptions injected in the global market. This process has attended grip in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic caused destruction touching each and every aspect of human existence, from personal to work life, from industries to consumer market, from large organizations to MSMEs. 

The companies are implementing a flexible and adaptive method to respond cooperatively to the changing time. They focussed on quality of work and the outcome, the place and time of work is not important. 

Remote working is the new normal. Work anywhere anytime must be available for the entire workforce. Flexible working models motivate the employees to maintain productivity and agility and Strengthening the technical requirements are some of the bulging effects brought by COVID-19. 

Now everything is confined within the comfort of home, from the workforce to the workspace, from employees to employers. The highly advanced technology is important to set effective office at home. Among these uncertainties, the tech giants have confirmed to continue with the remote working situation for long period. The companies are facing a once-in-a-generation shift, prominence the ever-increasing digital requirement, one thing is for sure that is digitalization. 

While the pandemic is paralyzing various sectors and the market scenery, the tech giants and some other businesses are booming. The sectors like healthcare, FMCG, eCommerce for daily needs, etc are burdened with consumer demands. However, what everyone can keep that the pandemic is going to accompany us for quite some time now.

Many tech firms are developing intellectual technologies, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning to cater to the overflowing dependence on digital platforms. According to, improving communication and association across the organization and fuel the business growth, successfully completing the goal, tech innovation is a must. 

As the condition develops towards the new normal, the digital channels will be seeing enormous consumer demands. Enterprise technology, communications technology, supply chain management, consumer technology, etc have been disturbed by the digital transformation. Now, everyone is working from home, so high bandwidth is important for an effective workflow. The demand for laptop, UPS, and other accessories are observing high consumer demand. An upgrade to 5G network connections and other associated infrastructural developments will flow in recent times for various reasons. 

One major advantage now: the cloud. “You can get stood up so quickly today compared to 5 or 10 years ago, “Weinstein says.” It’s remarkable the transformation that the cloud has had, not just to computing, but to communications, specifically.”


Conclusion - There was a time when we used to discuss the preservation of the significance of print and digital media. We like printed materials, like the physical form of books and glossy magazines, but the digital platform has got its own plusses. In the current ongoing scenario, when the pandemic is afflicting the world, the digital space becomes the de-facto champion. When people are imprisoned within the four walls, they can access only the online platforms, by surfing virtually. Surfing on the waves of the quiet ocean during a vacation seems like a fig of imagination now. Web surfing is the only thing that holds the sanity of human beings, apparently. The pandemic has interrupted the lives of millions in ways one could have never imagined. Businesses technology are putting maximum efforts to remain submerged in the whirlpool of changing times.


  1. Guidelines and protocols on how companies should operate in this new environment will vary between countries, industries and business types, so it’s vital to get up-to-date information for your organisation from the government. Industry bodies, trade unions and healthcare authorities can also provide useful guidance on what safety measures and precautions you’re expected to put in place. Read: 4 HR key challenges as businesses return to work.


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